The Wellness Planner: Daily Motivational Food Journal & Fitness Planner for Healthy Living, Weight Loss & Happiness

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All-in-1 Notebook for Healthy Living: Food Tracking, Gratitude, Fitness Schedule, Habit Trackers and More!

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You CAN create a healthier life for yourself! The Wellness Planner offers a daily set of tools and practices that motivate you to make a lasting positive change to your health.
Whether you want to have a better quality of life, lose weight or improve a certain condition, the Wellness Planner guides you daily and all the way to achieving your goals.
All-in-one UNDATED notebook for health & wellness, 240 premium quality pages covering 90 days and 13 weeks. Inside you'll find a Food Journal, Fitness Scheduling, Gratitude Journal, Habit Tracker, Inspirational Quotes, Goals and more.

The Life & Apples Wellness Planner keeps you motivated, inspired and accountable for hitting your diet and fitness goals and for living healthier and happier.

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wellness planner | food journal
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