Weekly Planner and Budget Planner Bundle

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Save 10% when you buy the Weekly Growth planner and the Budget Planner.

Here's what's inside:

I. The Weekly Growth Planner (pink):

A weekly agenda planner with goal focus, 12 months, undated, size A5 (5.5X8.2 inch)
Helps you get things done and stay focused on your goals.
The weekly layout includes a 7-day weekly schedule, with goal tracking, top priorities list and gratitude. 

II. The Budget Planner (rose gold):

A monthly guided planner for smart and simple budgeting, 12 months, undated, size A5 (5.5X8.2 inch)

A flexible budgeting book for personal and household finances. The Budget Planner helps you take control of your finances, organize your expenses, savings and income to achieve your financial goals.