Wellness Planner and Meal Planner Bundle

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Save when you buy The Wellness Planner and The Meal Planner together!

Take healthy living up a notch with the ultimate planner package for healthy living and simple meal planning. 

1. THE WELLNESS PLANNER: daily, personal, weight loss & healthy living

2. THE MEAL PLANNER: weekly, family meal planning & prepping

This bundle is the perfect gift for someone you love, yourself included :)

*Select color options available*

Daily motivational journal for creating a healthier life, body and mind, Undated

What's inside:
* Goal setting
* Daily gratitude & affirmations
* Food journal 
* Daily meal planner
* Fitness schedule
* Habit tracker & health parameters tracker
* Weekly progress trackers
* Daily inspirational quotes
* Planner stickers
* Undated 90-day planner

Premium quality 5.5"x8.2" hardcover notebook:
* Covers 90 days and 13 weeks, undated - start anytime! 
* Eco-friendly, vegan cover
* 100gsm thick premium paper, elastic pen holder, elastic closure band, 2 bookmarks and a pocket for keeping notes. 

Bonus: Free E-books & Printables with your order:
Get the ultimate Healthy Eating & Meal Planning e-package to use with your new planner! You’ll get a package of beautiful and practical ebooks and downloadable printables including a weekly fitness planner, recipes and the complete guide to meal planning.

52-Week Meal Planner for Simple & Healthy Meal Planning, Undated

The Meal Planner by Life & Apples is a comprehensive weekly planner notebook for making meal planning and prepping a simple, efficient and enjoyable process. Planning is the key to success! Use The Meal Planner to plan, organize and make healthy flavorful meals for yourself and your family. 

What's inside:

* Meal Planning guide
* 52-week double spread layout for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
* Weekly shopping list
* Master staples shopping list
* Recipe cards
* Healthy snack ideas
* Vitamins & Minerals index
* Expense tracker
* Meal planning stickers
* Notes pages

Premium quality 5.5"x8.2" hardcover notebook: 
Thick premium paper (100gsm), pen holder, elastic closure band, bookmark and an inner pocket for notes. 

Bonus: Free E-books & Printables with your order!
Get the planning & prepping e-package to use with your new planner! You’ll get a package of beautiful and practical e-books and downloadable printables including a monthly meal planner, clean eating shopping list, seasonal produce guide and more.