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5 Morning Habits for Weight Control

How we start the day impacts everything about it, including our diet and weight. Scroll down to read about the scientific evidence behind these 5 morning habits that'll help you eat healthy and regulate your weight. Plus, download our free printable for a daily reminder.
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5 Morning habits for weight control and a healthy diet:

1. Wake up early and get exposure to early daylight: recent studies suggest an early wake up and exposure to early daylight levels affect our appetite, metabolic function and body fat. This effect is independent of caloric intake, which is in itself a good reason to rise and shine!
2. Have breakfast: according to research published in 2018 in Current Developments in Nutrition, having breakfast improves appetite, satiety and diet quality. 
3. Plan meals in advance: planning your meals ahead of time gives you control over what you'll be eating and helps you adhere to a certain routine. Check out our Meal Planners for simplified and healthy meal planning for your family.
4. Track key parameters: if you want to maintain a healthy weight or control your weight and healthy diet habits, tracking is key. Tracking shows you the progress you've made, compared to your end goal. Tracking your key parameters, whatever they are, indicates whether you're doing it right and motivates you to keep going. Download our free habit tracker for an easy to follow monthly tracking.
5. Eat an apple a day: so, is conventional wisdom true? Does eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, when it comes to choosing your morning snack, eating an apple is an excellent habit for maintaining weight and a healthy diet. Apples are available all year round, are rich in fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. They're also low in caloric value (about 50 calories for a medium sized apple) and are very filling. 
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