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life and apples planner reviews
life and apples planner reviews"Super simple and easy to do.  I've used it everyday for 3 months, I've lost 45 pounds sticking to my food plan." -Karla
life and apples planner reviews"I love this planner. It's just what I was looking for to provide a wholistic focus on losing weight. Discrete and professional looking, it doesn't splash "I'm trying to lose weight" like other journals do. Some of us want to change our lives with quiet confidence. Plenty of room to write... I love the end of week review section where I can reflect on what worked and what didn't, or where I can improve. Along with my food plan, I lost 5.2 pounds this past week. Planning is the foundation. Life and Apples created a gem. And the ebooks are a wonderful addition. Thank you Life and Apples!" -Truthbearer
life and apples planner reviews"This planner is amazing! Inspirational quotes to help you go. It does not have specific dates and start date, so I can choose when to start planning my year. It has different sections for week and day and a place for me to reflect on the things I am personally working on. The best way to know you're going in the right direction is to check in on yourself daily. This planner helps me do that." - Kenny
life and apples planner reviews"Nothing else like it! Motivational and easy to adapt to your needs! I particularly was looking for a food/lifestyle journal that was not focused on weight loss but rather just becoming a healthier me. For people trying to lose weight, this would also work well! But for me it works well for simply keeping me accountable for taking care of my body, which has recently not been a priority. This was exactly the kind of journal I needed and trust me I can not find anything as well rounded for a decent price!" -Sky

life and apples planner reviews"This wellness planner was a gift and I absolutely love it. It is a great tool for planning a healthy day and for achieving your diet goals. I love the fact that it does not have pre-written dates, this way if I skipped a day or two of journaling, no pages go to waste. Beautifully designed and also the perfect size for me." -May

life & apples planner reviews"Comprehensive journal to document not only food intake, but activity, goals, grocery needs. Everything in one spot.  It's useful whether you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight or just eat healthier." -Lisa


life and apples planner reviews"This is such a cool planner! After using old planners and being accustomed to their layout, I was surprised at how easy it was to use and how beautiful the design is. There are little additions to the Growth planner which make it perfect - including a pocket in the back and a place for your pen! An A+ planner!" -Dan
life and apples planner reviews"I have been using it for a few weeks. Its very practical. I usually write everything i eat and drink in an app, but i also write it down in this journal and it helps to do both. Also writing it with a pen has more of an effect on things. I like the layout and style of the journal. Its well made. Glad i got this to help me track my daily in take." -Ana

life and apples planner reviews"This is a wonderful journal for setting health goals and being able to follow up on these goals every day. I especially like the way it makes you focus on how you feel and not just on logging food." -Leah
life & apples planner reviews"I absolutely love this meal planner, I get to plan my entire week at once. It makes everything super organized and allows me to plan my shopping list so I only have to head to the grocery store once!" -JB
life and apples planner reviews"Fantastic. Was a present to my wife. She is really into the physical planners though we do use Google calendar. But the latter just doesn't cut it as it is dry and functional. This planner is both functional, inspirational at times (anecdotes), but most importantly puts into focus the need to stop and push yourself a little further. to look at your life and concentrate on what's important. Set a goal that isn't just moving on with life." -Egoi


life and apples planner reviews"Does a great job at guiding you throughout the day, with gratitude, meal planner and goal setting. 5 stars."
life and apples planner reviews"This daily planner is definitely a must have for someone who is looking for motivation and self growth in the midst of a busy work week." -Rebecca
life and apples planner reviews"Love this goals planner, it keeps me focused and inspired. The notebook itself is very high quality, durable and just the perfect size for my backpack."

life & apples planner reviews"The diary has a great way of dividing the days and each meal. You can plan or keep up what you ate. In the back it has a fantastic list of all food, nutrient, and substitutes. I love the feel good stickers bonus page." -R.B

life and apples planner reviews"This little planner is great! It's the perfect size, big enough to write legibly and small enough to throw in my bag on the go. I love the spaces for gratitude and affirmations and that there is space to add notes / lists." -Jill
life and apples planner reviews"I love this food diary, it makes it easy to plan my meals and exercise for the day and stick with the plan." -S.R.


life and apples planner reviews"Great motivator. Helpful for keeping track of my diet and exercise."
life & apples planner reviews"I am so excited with this meal planner. I'm using it to keep track what I eat as a diet tool... And I can also flip back to see what worked and where I cheated too much!! It also has snack ideas and shopping lists... everything I could need in one handy book!" -Michal
life & apples planner reviews"This really makes it easy to plan all meals for the week ahead. I'm the kind of person that likes to have everything planned in advance so this meal planner helps me stay organized. It is simple and easy to use." M.D.
life and apples planner reviews"Absolutely love this. I ordered one for myself and one for my husband and we both use them daily. We are both people who do better when we have lists in front of us and the goal planner helps to keep us on track. It is nice to be able to choose your focus areas each day and the inspirational quotes are an added bonus. We also love that we are able to jot down any ideas we have for the day and then later reflect on how our day was and what we are grateful for." 
life and apples planner reviews"This planner helps me keep my life in balance! It helps me embrace each day and live each day to the fullest!" -Yay
life and apples planner reviews"This goal planner is better than any other planner I've used before. Instead of only having one section to write down everything for the day, it is neatly organized in sections such as tasks, gratitude, growth focus, ideas, etc. This makes it easy to stay on top of everything that you have to do in an organized fashion." -Abigail
life and apples planner reviews"It's pretty much everything I need in a wellness planner- with a few tweaks." -A.
life and apples planner reviews"I've been using these 90 day planners for almost a year. They keep me grateful and allow me to track my patterns." -Courtney