self love free printable

Self-Love - Free Printable

The self-love and appreciation free printable is a tool for reinforcing self-esteem, forgiving and loving yourself. Download the Self-Love and Ap...
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Immune Boosting Foods - Free Printable

What we eat plays a major role in how strong our immune system is.Strengthen your body from within with foods that fight the cold naturally. CLICK...
2019 calendar - Life and Apples

2019 Calendar

Click to download our 2019 calendar. Focus on your goals, live with intention and note important dates.
Perpetual Birthday Calendar Printable _ Life & Apples Free Printables

Perpetual Birthday Calendar - Free Printable

Keep track of all friends and family birthdays in one place! The perpetual birthday calendar makes it easy to remember, plan for and celebrate eve...
free printable Life & Apples

Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019

 Look back to appreciate 2018, and make a plan to start a productive, healthier and happier new year. Click the image to download.
productivity planner free printable_life and apples

Productive Day Printable

Improve your productivity with Today's Work Schedule free printable: it covers all your tasks, meetings and to do's for the day. Click to Download 
Summer Goals Planner Printable

Summer Goals Planner Printable

Make this summer the summer of change! Download the Summer 2018 Motivator: a 2-pager goals & daily planner printable, based on the Life & A...
fitness planner printable free | Life & Apples

Fitness Planner - Printable

Weekly Fitness Planner Printable - use it to schedule your fitness activities, and stay motivated. Click the image to download FREE.
Family Goals Printable

Family Goals Printable

Family Goals Free Printable - use it for family & relationships goal setting, habit tracking and for creating your family motto :)  Click the i...
Breakfast Meal Plan | Life & Apples

Breakfast Meal Planner

Click the image to download your free breakfast meal planner pdf.
Meal Planner Printable - Free Download

Lunch Meal Planner

Click the image to download your free lunch meal planner pdf.
free meal planner printable

Dinner Meal Planner

Click the image to download your free dinner meal planner pdf.
Mediterranean Diet Printable

Mediterranean Diet Cheat Sheet

Click the image to download your Mediterranean Diet cheat sheet.