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Our mission here at Life & Apples is to motivate you throughout your journey and guide you until you reach your goals.

Our planners include a motivational guided planning system that is based on research in the fields of cognitive behavioral psychology, growth mindset and behavioral economics.

Our unique layouts capture the essence of:

  • PUTTING PEN TO PAPER:¬†writing things down helps us understand ourselves better. It makes us¬†commit to achieving our goals on a physical, emotional and a rational level.¬†
  • DAILY COMMITMENT: commit to achieving by doing¬†something every day that is related to your goals. Start with writing down your goal¬†daily.¬†
  • JOY:¬†planning is serious stuff, but it's also fun!¬†We use icons, stickers, quotes and colors to inspire¬†you to plan with joy.
  • SELF-LOVE:¬†on your journey, highlight¬†the positive and learn from the negative. Celebrate your wins, small or big. Recognize the effort¬†and progress you've made.
  • MINDFULNESS:¬†be mindful of what you're doing right now, how and why you do it. Planning and executing with intent fills you with energy¬†and gets¬†results.

We can't wait to be part of your journey!  
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