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At Life & Apples we create tools for healthy happy living. Our mission is to empower people to achieve their goals and realize their dreams with planners and journals based on a guided motivational system.

Our daily motivational planning system can be easily applied and practiced. It is based on these principles:

  • PUTTING PEN TO PAPER (Write it down!)
    Writing things down helps us understand ourselves better and commit to achieving our goals on a physical, emotional and a rational level. Writing things down is the ultimate productivity app.
  • DAILY RE-COMMITMENT (Do it today!) 
    Planning is the key to success. When we set out goals, we must also tie them to a daily action plan. A daily plan allows us to experience accomplishments and drives us to pursue longer-term goals without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by everyday tasks.
  • PLAYFULNESS (Enjoy the ride!) 
    We are all for toning down the seriousness and enjoying the planning process towards reaching our goals. We use drawings, quotes and colors to inspire us to create, plan and do with joy.
  • SELF-APPRECIATION (Love yourself!) 
    When reviewing your progress, focus on the positive rather than criticizing yourself. Highlight and celebrate your wins, small or big. Recognize the effort and work you put in. Acknowledge that which you HAVE accomplished.
  • INTENT (Mean it wholeheartedly!) 
    Live intentionally, be mindful of what you do, how and why you do it. Planning and executing with intent fills you with energy and meaning and gets results.

We create products that we love to use ourselves. Born out of personal need, our planners have been put to the test and designed based on real life experience as well as scientific research published in the fields of health, productivity, positive psychology and behavioral science.

A guiding principle in what we do here at Life & Apples is epitomized in this wonderful Buddhism philosophy quote:
“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way”.

And on a more personal note... 

My name is Merav and I am the co-creator of the Life & Apples planner journals. I'm an avid planner who loves to journal as a way of connecting my thoughts, feelings and beliefs to my actions. It took me years of trying different diets, exercise routines and meditation techniques to understand that what helps me make changes and stick with positive habits is simply... planning. Making a plan helps us define what we want, set the road-map to getting there and accomplish our goals. 
I left a career as a high-tech marketing exec to pursue my dream of teaching a realistic and honest approach to achieving goals. And I've been enjoying each and every minute of it:-)
I hope our planners help you achieve your goals as you take your journey towards a healthier, happier life.  

Let’s connect!  We would love to hear from you and be part of your journey to improve your life and achieve your goals. With any question or comment, please contact us