3 ways to practice gratitude

3 Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most effective tools for increasing our sense of happiness and belonging. It contributes to physical and mental health, better relationships, and in general, to our peace of mind.

Even if it's not always easy, or comfortable or even feels inauthentic, numerous studies in positive psychology prove the many benefits of being grateful. And not only because it is the polite thing to do or because it is expected of us, but because it is good for our own wellbeing. In fact, gratitude is one of the easiest, available and most effective techniques to improve our lives in all areas.

Here are 3 easy, available-to-all ways to practice gratitude:

1. Meditation: practice a guided meditation for gratitude or simply meditate by expressing quiet gratitude for everything that your imagination brings up.

Gratitude Journaling: keep a gratitude journal daily to give thanks and start the day with on a positive note. The effect of gratitude journaling also carries into the future. When you are feeling down, look back at your gratitude journal and remember all the good things you have in your life.

3. A letter of Gratitude: write a letter to someone in your life and let them know all the good things they bring into the world and into your life.

Gratitude is an acquired skill, therefore you can practice it until it becomes a habit. Practice looking at the bright side of situations, noticing the good in the daily mundane things and saying "thank you" in your heart, gratitude journal or out loud.

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