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5 Best Practices for Active Living

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If you want to have a more active lifestyle but struggle to find the time, the will power or the motivation, you're not alone. Being active and moving our body every day is doable, even if you're not used to exercising. Here are five best practices for moving your body, daily.

Remember your motivation

set your fitness goal first, then work backwards to understand what you need to do daily/bi-weekly/weekly to reach that goal. Tying your daily activities to an end goal gives you motivation and self-control. The Wellness Planner prompts you to set your goals first, and then breaking your diet and fitness goals into daily activities.

Plan ahead

set yourself up for success by planning the night before: when you do so, you wake up already knowing what's coming up today, and your brain has already "processed" the plan. Better yet, lay out everything you need and have it ready the night before, right by the door: your sneakers, your yoga mat, etc. 

Seek opportunities

every action you do can be done with a higher level of energy or movement. For example, walk and take the stairs whenever you can, even if it's just part of the way. Take breaks from long sit downs and stretch your arms and legs to get the blood flowing. Dance while you organize the closet. Dance, as a general rule in life ;-).

Know thyself

get to know your likes and dislikes when it comes to finding your favorite form of exercise. Does music help you get up and move? Do you prefer an indoor class or exercising outside in the open air? Do you need a group support or a 1X1 class or simply workout by yourself? These are all questions you should answer to yourself in order to stick with a fitness program over the long run.

Develop an active living mindset

or in other words: "learn to really like it". For those of us who didn't grow up liking sports or who find exercising to be "difficult" or "boring", it is extremely hard to find that initial motivation. The change starts in your head. Listening to your body and understanding why exercise is good for you, finding the right type of fitness activities for you specifically, and most importantly sticking with it until you see results is the way to develop an active living mindset. 

If you need daily motivation for being active daily (and enjoying it!), The Wellness Planner is a guided journal that helps you set goals, tie your daily actions to them and track your progress over time. It is a great tool for developing a healthy and active mindset, with gratitude,meal plan, fitness plan and a daily review to keep you motivated and inspired. 
The planner is undated, so you can start using it anytime!
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