how to relax _ covid-19 resources

How to Relax - Covid-19 Resources

Positive thinking and mindfulness can help you cope with stress during anxious times.
This printable lists several ways to reduce stress during times such as the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis. Below you'll also find more information about the different studies conducted in the area of stress reduction and learn more about how to relieve anxiety and depression.
Try one or more of these scientifically proven relaxation techniques to increase your sense of control and uplift your spirit.
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6 Ways to Relax the Body and Quiet the Mind During Stressful Times

1. Accept: Acceptance can help us function productively in situations where we feel helpless. Accepting that there are external circumstances out of our control releases our mind to focus on what we can change in a given situation in order to move forward. Learn more about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and how it is used to help treat stress.

2. Meditate: Brain imaging data research found that regular meditation practice can reduce brain activity related to stress. Meditation is a powerful way to quiet the mind and be present in the moment.

3. Keep a Wellness Journal: Journaling has long been known to reduce stress and improve health. Weight and eating disorders related stress can create a vicious cycle. Study shows journaling about what, when and why you eat is an effective tool to help change behavior. Read more about why keeping a food diary is useful (Harvard Health Publishing). Try our Wellness Planner here.

4. GiveAccording to Neuroscience giving creates joy and improves our immune system and overall health. Focus on someone else. See who needs help and offer it. It will uplift your mood and strengthen the sense of control in your own life. Read more about the Neuroscience of Giving.

5. Connect with Nature: Nature can heal the body and sooth the mind. According to the American Heart Association, spending time in nature can help relieve stress and anxiety and boost feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

6. Listen to Music: Music connects us to our emotions and sensory memories. Multiple research suggest listening to music can increase our sense of order and security, reduce stress and relieve depression. Learn more about music and stress reduction.

Need more inspiration? Here is a helpful list of 101 quotes that will help you relax

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