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Positive Body Image

Our body image is part of our overall self image and self esteem. Self body image is created within us as soon as we are born and develops at the very early stages of our lives.

There’s no doubt it is important that our body functions well and is healthy and strong. However many a time our subjective body image has nothing to do with the way our body IS and everything to do with how we PERCEIVE it.

Negative thoughts about our body, how it looks or functions, can lead to eating disorders, low self esteem, social anxiety and estrangement from our own body. Such a painful experience of not loving the body we live in can and should be avoided.

How can we change a negative body image and cultivate a loving, positive image instead? This printable poster offers 4 steps to changing our perception and creating a positive body image out of awareness and with intention.
positive body image printable poster
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