Wellness Planner PRO

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Color: Forest green
Daily Wellness Planner for healthy living, body and mind - lasts 6 months, 180 days, size 7 X 10 inch.
Develop positive habits, take care of your body and mind, manage your daily tasks and achieve your health and wellness goals.
The wellness planner pro is a guided 1-page-per-day planner for your daily appointments and tasks, meal plan, food log, fitness activities, gratitude, diet trackers and more.
Undated planner with monthly, weekly and daily layouts, so you can easily start using it anytime! 
Size 7 X 10 inch hardcover, spiral bound notebook, with thick 100g paper, pen holder, closure band and inner pocket for notes. 
Add ons: planner stickers, 12 month habit tracker plus downloadable e-books and printables to complement your Life and Apples planner experience. The bonus e-package includes a weekly meal planner, healthy recipes, weekly fitness planner and the complete guide for menu planning and meal prep.
Don't let another day go by feeling out of balance. Invest in yourself and your wellbeing with the Wellness Planner Pro.