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Initiate Change

How to initiate change? Check out the 5 steps to initiate change and keep going, with joy, until you reach your goal. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE P...
2021 Calendar

2021 Calendar

2021 Calendar Free Printable Here's to filling it out with healthy happy things :) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PRINTABLE
2021 goals planner printable

2021 Goals Overview

Our goals overview printable is a quick and easy way to note what you want to accomplish in 2021.Once you set goals, the next step would be breakin...
positive body image life and apples printable

Positive Body Image

Our body image is part of our overall self image and self esteem. Self body image is created within us as soon as we are born and develops at the ...
how to relax _ covid-19 resources

How to Relax - Covid-19 Resources

Positive thinking and mindfulness can help you cope with stress during anxious times. This printable lists several ways to reduce stress during tim...
goals free printable

Growth Focus (Overarching Goals)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTABLE   As we enter the new year we are usually super-focused on setting goals for the next few months. We are hig...
2020 calendar printable

2020 Calendar

Click to download our 2020 Calendar FREE! Set goals, practice gratitude and get inspired to take action.   At Life & Apples we create daily pl...
self love free printable

Self-Love - Free Printable

The self-love and appreciation free printable is a tool for reinforcing self-esteem, forgiving and loving yourself. Download the Self-Love and Ap...
free printable Life & Apples

Goodbye 2018, Welcome 2019

 Look back to appreciate 2018, and make a plan to start a productive, healthier and happier new year. Click the image to download.
Summer Goals Planner Printable

Summer Goals Planner Printable

Make this summer the summer of change! Download the Summer 2018 Motivator: a 2-pager goals & daily planner printable, based on the Life & A...
Family Goals Printable

Family Goals Printable

Family Goals Free Printable - use it for family & relationships goal setting, habit tracking and for creating your family motto :)  Click the i...